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Your precious metals will be weighed and graded honestly during your visit.


You'll receive top dollar for your unwanted jewelry and spare gold.


Working directly with suppliers, we can offer amazing prices on precious metals.

Whether you are looking to make a little room in your jewelry box or you'd like to add to your collection, stop by Midwest Jewelry & Coin Exchange for all of your gold, silver, and platinum buying and selling needs.


Our experienced staff is available 6 days a week and at 2 convenient locations.

Exceptional service

and expertise

Set up your appointment today with one call:


Safe, convenient, and comfortable environment

 • Buying gold

 • Buying silver

 • Buying platinum

 • Dealing in gold bullion

 • Dealing in silver bullion

 • Gold and silver bars

 • Sterling flatware

 • Hollowware

Gold, silver, and platinum buyer and dealer:

While you can always reserve a little time with our staff through an appointment, it is not necessary. Bring your gold, silver, and platinum by the shop today for fast and accurate weighing and the best price in town.

Walk-ins welcome

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